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The roof of the Mercedes Benz building might be the coolest spot ever for a fashion show. A beautiful sunset starry night sky and the perfect cool ... Blog Archives - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/blog/archives/07-2015

As late summer turned into early fall each day ended with a golden sunset and another opportunity for a beautiful photo shoot. I had some great family ... Blog Archives - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/blog/archives/10-2014

Lincoln is 6 months old I can t believe how quickly time passes. It seems like only yesterday that I was shooting sweet 2-month portraits at home of ... Category El Matador Beach - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/blog/category/el-matador-beach

Well here goes... After months--years really--of helping other people develop their brand tame the online beast and market their event I m finally ... Blog Archives - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/blog/archives/08-2013

Do less better. Some advice we could all stand to listen to from time to time. Download the full-res 12 by 18 image below. Print. Post it somewhere you ... Category Poster - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/blog/category/poster

Cecily Breeding photographs and designs for people organizations events or movements that make the world a better place. cecily.breeding@gmail.com about contact - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/about--contact.html

The Pepperdine School of Law and the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship the Law wanted to host an event that brought together the tech community. Category Integrated Marketing - Cecily Breeding 31.01.2016 10:45:53 http://www.cecilybreeding.com/blog/category/integrated-marketing